Outdoor Sports Series

Vin du Lac Outdoor Sports Series 2017

The “Good Life” is best achieved when we are healthy, active, relaxed, in love and and long-lived.  The pursuit of outdoor recreation is one of the best ways to achieve this great lifestyle.  And Lake Chelan is an amazingly beautiful place to engage in outdoor recreation.



To promote a vigorous and healthy lifestyle, Vin du Lac is a sponsor of numerous sporting event each year, which we fondly call our “Outdoor Sports Series”.

Some of these are “races”, some are just for exercise, but none of them require you to consider yourself an elite athlete, or even be particularly competitive.  They only require that you be looking for some fun outdoor activity with a bunch of health-minded fellow participants.



Pick your distance, and choose your own exertion level.  Focus on having fun, then come to Vin du Lac afterwards to relax with a well-earned meal and glass of wine.

Click on the links below for details and registration information about each race.

Event Sponsors

Event Name (s) Cycle de Vine & Chelan Century
Event Type Cycling
Date 6/24/2017
Participation level can be as high as 600 people, but some years are lower
Company/Organization Rotary of Chelan
Website cyclechelan.com
Contact Lester Cooper
Phone# 509) 741-7825
Email lester.cooper@lakechelanrotary.org
Event Name (s) Echo Valley 30/60 mile MTB race
Event Type Mountain bike race
Date June 10, 2017
Participation level up to 400 racers
Company/Organization 4th Dimension Racing
Website http://www.nwepicseries.com/events/echo-valley-3060
Contact Dana Anderson
Email dana@4thdimensionracing.com
Event Name (s) Evergreen Trail Run-Echo Valley
Event Type Mountain bike race
Date June 11, 2017
Participation level in the 100’s
Company/Organization 4th Dimension Racing
Website http://www.evergreentrailruns.com/echo-valley-upcoming
Contact Dana Anderson
Email dana@4thdimensionracing.com
Event Name (s) Shore to Shore Marathon
Event Type Marathon
Date 2nd Saturday in September
Participation level
Company/Organization RunWenatchee
Website runwenatchee.com
Contact Rick Reihs
Phone# 509-387-0051/509-630-2090
Email info@runwenatchee.com
Event Name (s) Chelan Camp
Event Type Private cycle skills camp
Date May 18-22, 2017
Participation level 20 – 40
Company/Organization Cycle University
Website www.cycleu.com
Contact tom or mary (in 2014)
Phone# 206-523-1122
Email  tom.m@cyclu.com
Event Name (s) RAW (ride around WA) or Chelan Tour
Event Type Private cycling event
Date May 12-14, 2017
Participation level varies
Company/Organization Cascade Bicycle Club
Website https://www.cascade.org/ride-tours-cascade-club-tours/lake-chelan-3-day-weekend
Contact see website
Phone# see website
Email see website