Spring Barrel Tasting Weekend


What’s the big deal about Barrel-Tasting???  Well, Chelan barrel-tasting weekend is May 19- 21, so come on over and find out!

Winemakers monitor the development of their wines in barrel to manage flavor characteristics like butteryness, tannins, fruitiness, smoothness and complexity.  Vin du Lac will be featuring a special side-by-side comparison of several barrel samples of specific varietals, next to finished wines of the same varietal, so you can experience how time and life in the barrel changes these wines.

A tasting fee of $5.00 will apply (refundable with bottle purchase), and tasters will be able to choose any two of the following to compare:

–         2013 VdL Cabernet Franc vs 2016 Cabernet Franc barrel sample

–         2014 VdL Chardonnay vs 2016 Chardonnay barrel sample

–         2013 VdL Cabernet Sauvignon vs 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon barrel sample